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Using Auto Layout with Interface Builder

I’ll admit it, I was an Interface Builder hater. In the past everything I did was in code: Auto Layout, custom views, custom cells, everything. The frustrations of Xcode 4’s implicit constraint generation made using Auto Layout difficult. Going to code was far simpler.

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Solving the Massive Storyboard Problem

At Two Toasters, we’ve been building iOS interfaces in code for years. Every so often, someone will suggest that we try using Interface Builder and storyboards, but we’ve traditionally found the experience to be frustrating and unproductive. The tools seemed immature and cumbersome, and with all of our experience building UIs by hand, it never really seemed like a worthy undertaking.

Over the last year though, things have begun to change. There were signs at WWDC 2013 that Apple was putting serious effort into improving storyboards and Interface Builder. A few weeks ago, Apple introduced Adaptive Layout and Size Classes in the iOS 8 SDK, and Xcode 6 features many improvements that aim squarely to address the complaints that people have had about Interface Builder. Apple clearly believes Interface Builder and storyboards are a viable tool for building UIs more productively and efficiently.

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